kozenVenerable Thich Minh Tinh (Thay Kozen)

Thich Minh Tinh has been transmitted in the Vietnamese Rinzai Zen line of Thich Thien An and Thich An Giao.

In addition he has studied in Japan with Nanrei Kabori Roshi, then in the US with Soyu Mastsuoka Roshi, then in Japan with Doki Suda Roshi.  Matsuoka Roshi later transmitted Kozen after a period of time as the Long Beach Zen Center’s administrative assistant.

It is under Matsuoka Roshi’s and Thich An Giao’s request that Kozen teaches and maintains a temple and teaches .  Saito Roshi from Japan, has been a mentor and dear friend and teacher. Saito Roshi and Kozen were both student priests over 40 years ago in Southern Japan. They worked and studied together at a large temple. Contact him at thaykozen@mtadamszen.org

 The Very Venerable Ming Chan

The Very Reverend Ming Chan is abbot of Jia Shan Temple in Hu Nan Province. His temple is the site of the Blue Cliff records that Dogen Zenji (and many other Zen Masters) have studied.

The Rev. Ming Chan will visit our temple as his other duties allow. Rev Ming Chan spent two weeks with us in July 2012 and shared a wealth of Buddhist Dharma with all.  Rev. Ming Chan is a monk in the Chinese Chan tradition. Chan is the origin of both Zen and Thien Buddhism and part of the same school.  We are all very happy to have him join our temple as a senior monk and teacher and we have hopes that he will return often to the US and stay here. He is not accepting students here.

Venerable Thích Minh Thiền (Thay Z)

Also known as Thay Z.  Thay was ordained in China under Abbot MingChan of Jiashan Temple, Hunan China.  He served a novitiate under Thich Minh Tinh and  was re-ordained in the Lâm Tế School of Thiền Buddhism in the lineage of The Most Venerable H.T. Thích Thiên Ân. He will be accepting students after July 15, 2016. Contact him at thayzzen@gmail.com   buddingdharma.com


Reverend Debbie Nelson

Wife, Mother, Grandmother, Artist, Farmer, and lay lineage holder of the Lâm Tế School of Thiền Buddhism.  Debbie studied for over 7 years to complete the lay minister’s certification and find her own special Zen Awakening.  She is accepting students.

IMG_2988Venerable Thich Vinh Minh “Thay Minh”

He has been a monk for over 15 years.  He is currently attending University to obtain his BA in Religious Studies.  He travels frequently between school and our temple.  He is accepting students. Contact him at  Giaithoat@gmail.com


Venerable Thich Nhuan An, Ph.D. “Thay Ân”

He has been a monk since 1991.  He practices both Pure Land and Zen. He got a M.A. in Buddhist studies at Mahachulalongkorn University, Thailand, and Ph.D. in Religious studies at Mahidol University, Thailand. His Ph.D dissertation was about interfaith marriage in Vietnam.  He is accepting students. Contact him at thichnhuanan@yahoo.com


Venerable Thich Nu Gioi Bao, Ph.D. “Sư Cô Bảo”

She has been a nun since 1997. She practices both Pure Land and Zen. She received a M.A and Ph.D in Buddhist studies at Mahachulalongkorn University, Thailand.  Her Ph.D dissertation was about Clinging and Non-Clinging and how to apply it to present society. She is accepting students. Contact her at gioibao@yahoo.com  

IMG_2748Bob Davis

Bob is our facility cook.  Practicing in the tradition of TM Venerable Dogen Zenji.  I began my cooking career in a medical center as an apprentice chef along with food service management training at a local community college. I furthered my culinary education at the Cordon Bleu in London, UK. I have managed and cooked worldwide in venues ranging from haut cruise to logging camps, cruise ships, universities, health care facilities, pubs, a cafe serving the homeless and my own fine dining restaurant and country inn. I bring this diversity to your event at Trout Lake Abbey. I am looking forward to serving you as your Tenzo (cook). I see my service to your group as a spiritual practice.  Contact the Abbey directly for Bob’s services.  Contact him at  Bob48Davis@gmail.com 

Zen Buddhist Saying:

“Not to study the Buddha way is to fall into the realm of shameless and erroneous ways. All preceding and succeeding Buddhas always practice the Buddha way”. — Dogen Zenji