Buddhist Mahayana Retreat: “Practicing Gratitude: Expressing Thankfulness in Daily Life”

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Lead Teacher

Venerable Koro Kaisan Miles

Koro Kaisan Miles has been practicing and training within the Zen Buddhist tradition for over 45 years, beginning with Chinese Master Xuān Huà at Gold Mountain Monastery (San Francisco, 1973). His interests in the martial arts also led him to train with Danko Tsuniyama Sensei, in the Japanese Rinzai lineage of Omori Sogen Rotaishi. He was subsequently introduced to Korean Zen practice by Master Don Gilbert (Dae Sa Ta Hui), whom he greatly admired. Miles later went on to practice in the Japanese Soto tradition for many years before returning to the Chinese Chán school. He was given the name Fǎ Láng (Fa Lohng), and received transmission from Chuán Zhì, in the lineage of Chinese Grand Master Xū Yún. Currently, Miles is honored to continue his practice under the guidance of the Most Venerable Thích Ân Giáo Roshi, and is fully ordained as a Dharma Teacher in in the Lâm Tế lineage, as Thích Tâm Pháp. Miles was gifted the name Koro Kaisan by his peers and students at the dedication of Koin-An Zen Dojo and the formation of the Order of the Boundless Way, which consists of Zen practitioners and martial arts students from multiple lineages and traditions. While mostly modeled after the Japanese Zen traditions, the Order was specifically founded on the principles of universal practice methods and remaining non-sectarian. Koro Kaisan Miles has been the resident priest and teacher at Open Gate Zendo, Olympia, Washington since 2004.

Master of Ceremonies

Rev. Scott, MC


We practice sitting, walking, and moving meditations.  Experience not necessary.  All meditations are explained by a teacher or ministerial student.  Meditation is central to developing a practice.  Sitting in the lotus position, or even cross legged, is not required.  Just sit comfortably.  

Metta Practice

Metta, or loving kindness, is a foundational practice.  We practice Metta for all sentient beings as well as for ourselves.  May you be well; May you be happy; May you know love; May you know peace.  You may begin to notice that Metta is at the core of much of what we do.  

Dharma talks

Five teachers rotate to give Dharma talks, or the teachings of the Buddha.  They are not lectures.  They come from the heart.  


Services and Retreats are not spectator sports or classroom lectures.  During the check-in, Dharma sharing, and Q&A sessions, all are encouraged to share.  The Sangha (the group) quickly becomes a trusted circle of friends.  

Physical Activity

We include instructor led Qi Gong, nine-joint meditation, and walking meditation to keep the blood flowing and the brain fresh.  

Retreat Schedule

Retreat Materials

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